This flat, fast and low riding solid oak deck is great for getting close to the tarmac.  It's low centre of gravity provides stability and speed, making it perfect for new riders as well as the more experianced.


 - Length: 1m (39")

 - Width: 0.25m (9.8")

 - The deck is finished with tung oil to give a beautiful golden finish and to provide a weather proof layer

 - This new drop through design has been specifically design for hard wood boards.  It provides a strong, chip resistance edge while still giving sufficient movement space for the trucks.

 - Six full lengths of oak are joined together to form a strong deck which won't be vunerable to warping

 - Choose between New School and Old School truck mounting points


Trees are natural living organisms, each one unique.  Every board we make is different from the last, meaning every board will be unique and one of a kind.


*Deck only*

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