At Horizon Boards we focus on the sustainability and beauty of British Oak.  All our longboard decks are handmade from premium hardwood and coated in Tung Oil.  The natural strength and flexibility of oak provides you with a sturdy and responsive longboard.  A coating of Tung Oil provides a golden finish with the natural grain of the wood as well as a weatherproof layer.  

The passion for handmade woodwork started by designing and making bespoke furniture 3 years ago.  In the summer of 2016, the love for making longboards began as 2 friends just decided to have a go making our own. Ever since then the love and the business has grown.


We treat every board like our own to ensure every board is beautifully finished and detailed. We hand pick and process all our timber to provide you with quality and beauty working in harmony.  


Timber is a natural growing material and no two are the same.  This means every board we make is unique and different from to the previous, providing you with a one of a kind board every time. 




A professional review by Thrill Magazine can be found at the link below:

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